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We saw a Ford Mustang on Elgin Hyundai internet website listed for $12,995. Called and spoke to Johnathan Mendez and Travis Crull, who both confirmed the options and price of the car. Made an appointment with Johnathan to come in Saturday, September 10th to look over the vehicle and take it for a test drive.

Upon arrival, we had to wait for the vehicle to be brought over from another location. Once the vehicle arrived, we took it for a test drive, and then began to talk to the salesman. We asked him to check with his manager to see if he could do better on the price of the car. He returned with numbers written a piece of paper 60 months at $350 per month. He was very nervous and kept avoiding the cost of the vehicle and just kept talking monthly payment instead. When I insisted on what the cost of the car was, he said $15,600, which was a complete surprise to us because we thought we were working with a starting cost of $12,995. Once they got us to the dealership, the price was no longer what was quoted and had increased by more than $2500.

From that point on we could not get the same story out of anyone. We spoke to a sales manager who said his name was Tony Basich. I asked him for his business card and he gave me a card with the name Tony Basich on it. Later when speaking to Johnathan he told me that Tony Basich was no longer employed there. So after finding out that Tony Basich no longer worked there, I asked the sales manager again for his name and he said Tony Basich. Later after looking on the website, I found out that Tony Basich was really Mike Medina. So why lie about your name? This is the Sales Manager?

Why would the sales manager lie about his own name? The intentional deceit is clear.

As the lies came spewing out, one story was the vehicle had some additional work done to it between us talking to the internet sales person and our arrival to the dealership. But why not be up front about the price upon our arrival?

The other story by Mike Medina AKA Tony Basich was that there were two vehicles traded at the same time and the wrong pricing was applied to each vehicle. Jonathan Mendez said no, that there was work done to the vehicle that increased the price.

We were quoted $12,995 and then when we started the process of purchase, the price was increased to $15,600. The other suspicious thing about this is that they tried to conceal the cost of $15,600 by continuing to quote only the monthly payment, instead of the cost of the vehicle. If it truly was a case of mis-marking the two vehicles, why try to conceal it? And why lie about your name and try to say you are a person who no longer works there. If this is how a manager acts, a manager is supposed to lead by example; then I do not want to imagine the practices of the rest of the sales force.

Long story short; we were misled and deliberately lied to not only about the price of the vehicle but about the identity of the sales manager by the sales manager himself.

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.

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Several times, I have seen good sounding,low priced cars advertised by this dealer.But when I call or stop by, the car I'm interested in is never on the lot, but out "being detailed." When I check back, it was "just sold." Of course they have many other cars they want to show me.

If this happened once or twice, no big deal, but it has happened many, many times.Makes me wonder if they bait customers with fake ads, like the old "bait and switch."

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